Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's seems like ages

Tight rope walker, 2003.
I made this as part of my Masters work at Monash University

This work sticks out as quite different from what I usually people.

This is an experimental piece I made with shaped dangly bits, I did this kind of the when I was at Uni. (2004)

I've been over at flickr setting up a spot there to show off my own work. As this spot is turning more into a show place for other's work, which is fine at the moment, it takes the pressure off me to be producing all the time.
I've got to start making some more work!!
Cheers for now.


Anonymous said...

hey Rach, I just scooted over to flick-her to see your compendium of tasty work. Was great to see the other computer collages, just beautiful. mavis

shula said...

Hello Melbourne Girl. Just found you on flickr, you left a comment on the spooky balaclavas.

I LOVE your work. It's just beautiful.

We're also south west, I think. Or is it west west? Now I'm confused.

Anyway, I've linked to you, so I stay posted.