about rachel

I am an artist trained to be a woven tapestry maker...
I studied at Monash University during the mid 1990s, when they had a Tapestry department.
I live in Geelong with my family, I have just re-entered the art scene after many years away, (this blog is a testimony to that). I am currently pursuing my interest in Medieval tapestry, and in particular the "wild" thing, man or woman. 
 It is very important to me to position myself as a tapestry weaver in a contemporary context.

I love pinterest, and you can follow here...my favorite board is visionary at the moment.
My tumblr is here, I'm spending a bit of time there lately,
oh, and Facebook artist page is here.
All opinions stated here are my own, I am open to discussion with those who want to email me.

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