Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A new routine

This is a design I intend to embroider on to some singlets for the baby, I found them at a Japanese warehouse.....where? - I cannot tell. The new routine
Well, now it goes something like this...
Wake up when Pete wakes up, get up, and help with his lunch or breakfast or both.
I have my breakfast while watching a little bit of TV.
Walk myself and Knippy to the park around the corner, takes all together half an hour.
Have a drink and some fruit.
Second breakfast at about ten thirty.
Then...what ever I like until about 3.30.
Have a nap, half an hour to two hours.
Pete comes home.
I make some dinner.
Pete makes supper.
sleep at 10.30
Wow, what an action packed routine...


shula said...

SSSSHhhhhhh! KYO is one of my best kept secrets.


rachel h said...

Well... I fixed it, but I can't get the shop name off your comment.
I didn't know anyone was crossing the West Gate.