Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New work from the VTW

The image to the left is by Nell, it's a detail of her sexy snake and apple.

Below is an Eng Tow, she's from Singapore.

This is me with Nancy Hoskins, she's having a look at my work.

I don't know why they got all mixed up ...but here is the whole image of Nell's

Well, it's been a little while since I was here. I am three days away from my due date to have our baby, I guess I haven't really felt like sitting here doing this. Anyway, Amy from work has sent me some pictures that I thought should go on here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Congratulations on the new baby! Caroline sent me your blog address. I was pleased to see the completed 'snake' tapestry.
Enjoy every minute of those early baby days. They go by so fast. I am packing up my studio, which is a huge task. We are moving into town in June. I will have a smaller studio, but I WILL have my space and once again get back to the loom.
Hi to all of my VTW friends.

Nancy Hoskins