Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Elsbeth's room

Nana and Elsbeth

Well, there's been a lot of growing in the last month. Elsbeth is getting very long...and quite heavy. She has started to pick things up in her little hands, and everything is going into her gummy little mouth. Her eyes are still steely blue, but I think they may not stay that colour.

My Nana was 100 on the 5th of February, Nana and Elsbeth got into the paper...100 and 10 weeks. Somehow it seemed a little depressing, the very old with the very young...like we're all going to get old, or something.

We went out at night, to a local gallery and then on to Japanese, that went pretty well. We managed to all eat our dinner without too much yelling.
I have also managed to make some pretty cute pants for Else...the pattern says they are "capri pants". One pair are Jeans and the other is pink cords.
There is the most annoying banging going on somewhere near my house...it sounds like an enormous heart beat and is driving me a bit crazy!!

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