Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Else this morning

else this morning
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This is Elsbeth on her 5 month birthday. We must be doing something right.
She sleeps and sleeps at night. We are so lucky.
She eats a little Farex most lunch times and seems to like it. She's like a baby bird...opens her mouth as the spoon comes towards her. Soon I think she will either sit up or roll...but at the moment she lays and kicks a lot. She gets such a kick out of seeing us in the morning, she's always laughing and smiling. Although, the sensitive little flower doesn't like loud babies or weird mechanical sounds, even though we live on the train tracks...which she doesn't mind at all.


Reuben Maskell said...

Hello Rachel!
It's Reuben!
You are Right!Elsie laghs and smoles all the tome!:)
See Ya!

Reuben Maskell said...

when i said smoles i ment to say smiles