Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wwhhhhoooo Hoooo I'm back!!!!

He he...It's Marc Bolan. I love Marc Bolan. When I was pregnant I could not stop thinking about how cool he was. Me and my friend at VTW played him over and over and over. Those ladies in there are so tolerant of us...and me especially. I just thought it would be funny and incongruous to put a picture if him in my blog...I have some pretty rude pics of Marc in satin pants if anyone is interested? .....probably's just me isn't it?

At last I've finally got around to re-organise my password and everything.

Jeepers, now I can update all my stuff and be a bit more involved in this blogger thing.

Thank you to greenolive for putting me on her blog...I'm going to have to have a bit of a refresh on mucking about in that code world to get her on 'me favorites section.

In the land of my other, more important world, we went to look at kinders the other day...( I can't believe that)anyway.. and Montersori looks pretty cool. It seems like kind of hard kinder, which I think is good, up to a point. It seem the children actually learn quite a bit, instead of just "activities" that just occupy them till their Mums' come to get them. So I think we'll put Else's name down there, she seems like a pretty smart cookie, it'll probably be "a walk in the park" for her.
: D


Caroline Tully said...

Yes, put that genital-showing tight-pants Marc Bolan pic on the blog.

Phellow Phallic Worshipper

rachel h said...

Sweet, I knew you'd come along on my little day dream.