Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Knitted Socks

These days it is not necessary to buy all your knitting patterns from wool shops and mega stores like Spotlight. There is a world of knitting patterns, some tried and true…some...well, pot luck. I have great success with a knitting site called "Knitting on the net". favorite thing to knit at the moment is socks. Winter is not far away, and I want everyone in our house to have warm feet. Here are two patterns.
One is for little socks for two to three year olds, and it’s really easy. It’s knitted on 2 needles and sewn up at the end. The other is probably of moderate difficulty; I guess you’ll need to have a bit of confidence with knitting on 4 needles. It’s not that hard really. I've already made two pairs...really easy.
The second pair ( 4 needles) for Pete are a little more difficult, but if you make a few mistakes It doesn't matter really. I made this pair REALLY thick with a 16 ply wool, which is great for slipper-ry socks around the house. here is the pattern Good luck knitting these socks.
I tell you it is a good feeling making things yourself

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