Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stuff i like

1. soft boiled eggs with soldiers
2.laddette to lady, I wish it was back hardcore is great
3.Spaced...abc2 watch it little girl first thing in the morning, that should be no. 1
5.weaving a tapestry with my friend, it's like being in a band
6.homemade chicken noodle soup meat on fire..that's what we're doing for winter solstice
8.knitting socks for people I like
9.sending presents to people that I hardly know


miss mardi nowak said...

I love that too!!

boiled eggs! yum! Ladette to lady, I actually know someone that had one of the teachers at a finishing school in the UK! SERIOUS! and Spaced, how I miss it... can't comment on the last one Rach, not yet anyway... xxxx

rachel said...

which teacher? The skinny one,harboard, or shreiger, the fat one?

The Mark Maker said...

where are my socks? xxx