Thursday, February 04, 2010

Face book.....what is it doing to me??

I've decided that facebook is no good for me any more. Since i've come into contact with people from school and 10 or more years ago, I've gone all weird in the head about it, never have I been so regretful of stupid stuff that I had no perspective of....I was a kid, yet here I am as a full blown adult lamenting decisions I made all that time ago. ITS NOT HEALTHY!!! Past is past. I'm in a situation with my life that I'm quite happy in, I can just imagine the wrecking of lives that must be happening everywhere because of facebook. People being sucked into a vortex of school days or whatever, it's gone....whatever you think about it all, it's not real.

So, I'm sculking away from Facebook, quietly...not telling. 

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