Sunday, February 21, 2010

The week ends...I wonder whether being in a semi isolated situation like I'm in, can make you more opinionated and beligerant? I've been trying to be all nice and civilised up until a few posts ago. I think I'm just a bit fed up with having to deal with folk who are not my folk...just because you have kids, doesn't automatically make you compatible. I did seem to make friends a bit with a girl from the market, and you wouldn't believe, she basically told me what she was doing now with her 'making' was pretty much my idea that I went to the market with...painted, um, I'm not the person she should be telling, because now I think she's pretty thick. First for telling me, and second for not thinking up her own thing....gawd

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rachel said...

What's weird is I moderate post comments and I did press publish...yet they fail to appear...mmmm

I might just add to the anonymous person who is following me at the moment, thanks for commenting. I'm not too fussed about attracting new readers, and as far as photos and videos for every post...well. My little lap top doesn't have capabilities to do that. Plus, I get about 10 mins every other day to do this stuff.. I've got to do the photo stuff on the PC out the back...blah blah...So, why be anonymous?