Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finished vest....bring on the sugar plum

Yay, it's finished!
I hand spun and sewed all these bits together to make this.
It's made from Merino wool I got in Drysdale Vic, vintage sequins and buttons. It would fit a 1-2ish year old girl, great with a stripey t-shirt and jeans...mmm I wish I was little enough to wear it.
I also had to make the little form under neath it. I was lying awake the other night, trying to figure out how to make something that wasn't spooky for a mannequin, I decided on the squishy pillow look...very formless and ambiguous. Phew, now I'm working on an alpaca vest that might suit a little boy.
So, I have decided to sell this on my etsy shop  go on...have a look.

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