Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whats happening now

So, the dog is sick...A heart murmur, which she is medicated for, lots of expensive little pills.  I've had to have very serious talks with the vet about what happens next. The poor little thing is ok at the moment, but when she doesn't respond to the medicine any more...down the track sometime, we're going to have to help her out of this life : (

Also more judgmental women looking at me like I'm not parenting my child properly!!! ARGHHH, back off you pains. And, back off grannies! stop judging my mum!


Amy said...

Oh, poor Knippy. I hope she still has some good times ahead of her.

rachel said...

Knippy is going pretty well, sort of. Every week or so she wakes up in the middle of the night coughing and her heart pounds like it's going to explode. Not too nice, but if I cuddle her it seems to calm her. The vet says there is a lot of inctictive responses happening to her. It freaks me out, I really love her, so this is all very blah to deal with. Plus, Else and charlie are starting to bond with her, so who knows how we're going to tell them when she eventually kicks off...arghh, pets. You know this is going to happen one day when you get them as little babies, but when the day comes, you now have a geriatric pet, it awful.
CHeers R x