Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Making crumbed lamb with Else...Fun, for once, cooking with toddlers is totally over rated most of the time.
So, this is what we did.
Take your plain lamb cutletsand scrape off a bit of the meat to make a handle...frenching I do believe is the term.
Then toss them in a bit of seasoned flour ( S+P), get the little one to do this in a clean plastic bag, making sure they've got a good grip on it.
Then, get some crumbs (Panko) are good and put in some more seasoning...I like screaming seeds, Mediteranean Mix.
Put the lamb into a beaten egg to coat, it then into the crumb mix, crumbing both sides (get the little one to do this part too)
Pan fry them in a bit of oil...I use rice bran oil.
Serve with salad or favorite vege...we're having ours with oven chips, beans and some crunchy carrots

Photo to follow

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lauren carney said...

hay dolly,
your fancy display of pretty pictures
makes my little tummy flutter.
love your blog to pieces.
I'll enjoy admiring it form afar! x