Thursday, November 04, 2010

Interesting time

So, my friend wrote an awsome bit of writing about why copying is not ok in the current 'making' market place, and posted it to the Etsy forum...on my recomendation. Little did I know she would be bullied right off the page! If only my post got published at the end...The thread was closed. Basically it was a bun fight right there on screen!
So many people not getting the threatened and hostile . I think what was written as comment by and large was so disgraceful, and as 'making' people we should be concerned with the greater and greater amount of samey-ness that is out there. Even if our product is as unique as we can make it. Shoddy and repetitive items do bring us all down...especially if they are less and less expensive.
One person wrote that they are finding it difficult to tell the difference between handmade and manufacted items...I do too. I get an icky feeling in a couple of shops where there is so much product, all the same and all hande made...apparently....but what about all that laser cut stuff...what's with that? Is that handmade?.....mmmmm ponderings will the way, I couldn't help myself. LOOK HERE
What was started in the same vain, has attacted so many copiers!!! It's hilarious. To my dear friend...They are all hopeless cases.

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