Saturday, July 23, 2011

A new place to spend way too long fiddling about

So many pictures!!!

We have had very bad sickness in our house over the last couple of weeks, that's why it has been so quiet here on the blog.
Sometimes you've just got to not get on the computer.
I was very lucky not to get this THING that made us have to WASH everything! Sick-ups is what I'm getting at.
Oh how I wish I was somewhere else when all of that was going down. Or coming up.
But you can't, because your the Mum, and not sick.
I did go to see the Vienna exhibition at the NGV, and I loved it...that was my day off the nursing duties. But, when I got home everything was worse...much worse. My co leader had come down with the bug, as well as my girl!! Eeeek.
Anyway, that's in the past, and things are looking brighter.
My absolute favorite portrait of Egon

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