Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three nights away = very relaxed muma

Tasmania is great.
Had lovely morning tea with the very clever Tara Badcock.
Dug tatties.
Walked beautiful rivers.
Baked bikkies.
Souped vegies.
Slept in a lot.
Talked my head off.
And had a thorough-ly good time

the quilt I crocheted.

Quamby the patchwork dolly that was created at the foot of Mt Quamby.

Having a wee look around

There is a bumble bee in there somewhere.

Quamby out with the frisky pony

Hilarty at the Milk Bar Cafe, Launceston.

digging tatties

Mount Quamby

Beautiful walk/clamber

My noro wool quilt

More gorgeous wilderness.

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