Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome 2013

Hello dear reader,
It's been pretty busy around here with two small children to entertain and occupy for the last couple of weeks.
We've been on a bit of a mission to keep the TV turned off for as long as possible during the day. It's no TV before 4.00 pm, and when we do, it's a movie, and you know, the kids are actually having an old fashioned holiday.
The house is a complete mess, but they're having fun.

They've been drawing,
drawing on the footpath,
seed planting,
walking to the Milk Bar,
building cubbies out of cushions,
cooking with me,
threading beads,
playing complicated pretend games together,
playing with guinea pigs,
making sweets,
indoor swimming when it was too hot for outside,
stuff! It's good.
I have been going bananas in the garden.
Here's pictures

Sour dough bread I made

 Elsie's play dough man

 little man with a beret

 Little Parisian pickling cucumbers...

 Carrot flowers!

We call these fairy lanterns, not sure of the proper name

 This is beautiful! Purple!

 Corriander flowers

 Lovely plant and planter for Christmas, and my new "no dig" beds.

 Lettuce, basil, and sunflowers

 Another "no dig" bed...looks a bit like a shallow grave...Tomatoes up the back

Cosmos and Pea

 Banana passionfruit flower

 Plum/peach yumminess ripening

 Lemon bounty



 Crispy Columbine

Pretty green underworld....

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