Saturday, March 29, 2014

Update on that warp

Remember the tutorial I did on that warping was new to me, anyway. Well, I've been weaving on it and here's where it's at.

Firstly, I ended up putting leashes on, it really is way easier and quicker. When you're doing something as time consuming as this, you really need as much help as possible to get it done quicker...I'm not patient, at all.
 This is where I'm at with this tapestry. I have a little piece of tissue over the face of the tapestry to protect it from dust, and to stop the bobbins brushing the surface. Too much rubbing, touching, will cause the surface to become fluffy, and possibly get a felty appearance...yuck
 This is the work without the tissue.
 From the back. I have been able to loosen the tension on the loom and push the tapestry to the back. It turns out, I have enough warp to weave something else on top! Not as big, but still, hardly any waste.
Here you can see all the space at the top.I've only got a little bit to go.
So, it works really well, this method of warping. And I definitely think I'll do it again .


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