Wednesday, April 08, 2015

My website and a new book

I haven't gone back on my word to write better posts...about real things. But, I have to tell you about the book I've put together about the fundemantals of tapestry construction and the little update in the web shop.

In the future I intend to post more in the website blog, apparently it's better for searches and so on. Especially that's where all the meaty pictures are!

So, I'll be listing a few experimental pieces in the web shop. I'm also working on a little zine that eventually will be finished, you'll be able to get that from there aswell.

A little note about the book/course notes...there was a teeny mistake in the contents page numbering, and I apologise to you who have this first run...It's been noted and future copies will be all perfect in that regard.
Plus, a huge thank you to the weaving army on intagram! you all rock! Also, please contact me if you need any clarification on any of the things that are hard to adapt to your looms etc. I'm available.

I want to talk about the phenomenon of the "workshop" next....any interest?


Rebecca Mezoff said...

I have many ideas of what you might mean by the phenomenon of the "workshop". What a great idea for a blog post. Can't wait to see it. For both teacher and student, the workshop is a rather odd, constructed environment that may or may not translate well to work at home.

rachel said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for commenting. I´m still trying to pull it all together in my mind what I want to say. I know that a lot of folks who follow me on instagram run workshops, also there are teachers, like yourself, who really teach. I can teach, and have had the odd student on a one on one basis, and really, that is my preferred method.
So, when I do get around to the post, I really don´t want to step on any toes. So youĺl have to bare with me...There is something in it, which actually be detrimental to the art form itself...I have mentioned this before, and was sent nasty emails by someone who was not familiar with the kind of prejudice that most textile artist come across...especially about 20 years ago.

rachel said...

So sorry about the badly written reply...I can actually form a proper sentence.