Sunday, July 16, 2006

More 'Rosebud' + 'Celebrate Tapestry' at Warnambool Art Gallery

I made the big trip down to Warnambool on Friday night, (thanks Mum for driving) I was attending mainly as a representative of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop The 'Workshop' had an exhibition in the George Lance Gallery, showing work from Reg Mombassa, Mike Brown, Gareth Sansom and Merrin Eirth. While in the main Gallery space was an excellent exhibition of drawings and tapestry of Valerie Kirk
The community space showed a large 'weavers wall' of past and recent graduates of South West Tafe, all the tapestries were about 20cm square.
I only arrived on the Friday night but I got the distinct feeling that the people who had attended the week long event had had a great time.
I have some photos of the event soon a A sends them to me.

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