Monday, August 14, 2006

Attention Weavers

Please click on the images to have a better look at the info.

This is an open invitation to all tapestry weavers to visit the Victorian Tapestry Workshop to see a new exhibition of miniature tapestry. Artists included in the exhibition are, Marla Anthony, Sue Batten, Leonie Bessant, Grazyna Bleja, Chris Cochius, Cresside Collette, Marie Cook, Amy Cornall, Kate Derum, John Dicks, Hilary Green, Tim Gresham, Rachel Hine, Dominique Jhumun, Pamela Joyce, Louise King, Valerie Kirk, Miranda Legge, Sara Lindsay, Laura Mar, Barbara Mauro, KT McLorinen,Rebecca Moulton, Robyn Mountcastle, Mardi Nowak and Melinda Piesse.

This co-incidides with a lecture by Nancy Arthur Hoskins about Coptic Tapestries.

I will post photos of the work and opening night after the event...soon.

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