Thursday, August 17, 2006


This exhibition was opened by Christopher Heathcote...a very strange speech was made. It was moderately amusing to hear someone who had so many axes to grind all over the place. His main beef seemed to be about the bureaucratic way in which art schools have gone.
He was very complimentary about the the exhibition, but somehow I still felt as though he may not have understood what he was looking at. However he did make a nice comment about art being the stuff of dreams, and as he looked around found a sense of optimism. Which I agree with. I think to 'make' with the hands is in fact a very optimistic thing to do, and to persevere in an anachronistic medium such as tapestry even more so.
Unfortunately the Director neglected to thank the instigator of the project, Kate Derum, but I will thank her here. As always it was a pleasure to assist her with the hanging of the show.
It was difficult to only invite 30 weavers, as there are so many. But the '30' is part of the 30 year celebration of the VTW.
As an aside, the exhibition proved to be successful in a monetary sense to a few artists...including myself.

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Amy Cornall said...

Hey Rach, you have a very elegant site here. It's exciting to see not only your recent work but also everone else's you've posted photos of. Also fun to see into your psyche a little :-)