Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Sorry to those who were interested in this "tapestry opportunity", I was advised not to leave the info on here as there was a LOT of interest previously, and they didn't want to be inundated with entries.


Mavis Stellar said...

Hwey there Miss Rachel, thank you for the 'heads up" on the c.d case project. By the way does heads up come from a sporting/betting subculture? My minds a bit kookoo after having open day at ANU all day, sorry.

rachel h said...

Oh, Mavis, I thought I recognised that certain swagger in your writing, no problem... I have joined an E-list that sends me stuff like this. I thought I might give it a go mee self.
Glad about that good news, and what an idjot saying you were cheating by using a cartoon...what are we..? Super brains that remember everything???