Saturday, December 08, 2007

Allan's walk projct. Test Match...Tag Team Tapestry.

This lay-out is a bit strange....
This is the result of about 7 days work that Hilary Green and myself did while participating in the Test Match Programme at Allan's Walk Artist run studio in Bendigo.
We started to put the loom together on the Wednesday night, after dinner. We had the intention to warp it up on that day aswell but it just got too late and also Hil thought she had it, but it had fallen out of her bag on the way in.

So on the Thursday we warped up and put in the floor and of course. I like red. Hil always uses red for the bed, it always looks snappy. By the end of Thursday we had made good progress.
Although it is amazing that even though I hadn't done any weaving in months, I still had as sore a shoulder as if I had been weaving full time at the VTW...
Friday was more weaving, we felt pressure to get quite a lot done because we had to give a studio talk on the Saturday afternoon.
We had loads of visitors, and got in the local paper. The Bendigo Advertiser. Someone heard the project talked about on the country ABC radio National, plus Hil was interviewed on the local radio Station.
The talk was good, except we only got about 6 people to come. My friend Jen + her friend came all the way up from Melbourne, which really was great. Plus there was a few people who had been in the previous days. We were interviewed buy a girl called Ulanda, who had great hair. She is writing an essay about the whole project, not just us.
On Monday Kate and Brian Derum came to visit us, which was fantastic. We went out for lunch and I discovered a great toy shop called Mr was good times.
Else was sooo good, firstly she had my Mum looking after her then Pete came up to look after her for the rest of the time...
In the actual weaving, (which is what we were there for) we incorporated a few elements of what interests both Hil and I.
Firstly we started with a 'ground' of rock rubbings that Hil had made at a place called One tree Hill, we wove this for a while and then though that it may get a bit busy, plus I think we were looking forward to incorporating more 'objects ' into the work. So, we left that idea, and started to invert the tones, like a negative. Then eventually turning it to black. Which we thought looked pretty great. Especially when some of the objects, like my fern frond came in, then the start of the girl.
We didn't get much more done than that.
We didn't really have the right kind of chairs to weave much higher than we did. As it is, my shoulder is still weak, and sore...

Then what happened?
Well, Hil and I put the tapestry on to two rolls and took it off the loom and rolled it up, to weave it another day. We are thinking about entering it into a few exhibitions when it is finished.


Amy said...

Funky - I'm hanging out to see this tapestry when it's finished.

Caroline Tully said...

Hi, so what happened next? Did you take it down, end it off, roll it up, leave it there? What did you do with it?

Anonymous said...

How many days of weaving did you guys get done? It's a great project, I think that I'd get a bit frustrated with starting something that's so much fun and then having to complete it some other time.

Love the tag team - maybe there could be tapestry wrestling?


rachel h said...

We had about 7 days of weaving...which nearly killed me.
Yes, very fun, not that frustrated about leaving it. It'll be good to look at it in a while when we finish it.