Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My thesis

Well, I'm putting my thesis on blogger...I thought other weaver-y people might like to see/read it. It's certainly no literary feat, although for me it kind of was. Plus, I thought it was a good thing to do to mark this time of year. It was around this time last year when we lost Kate. So the title of the blog is the same as my thesis, which sounds pretty pretentious to me now, The low art of looking. There should be a link, in my link list. I have to do it in installments, because of the nature of the file, and the amount, or lack of time that I have. If you like it as I go, (It starts from the end), Please let me know.There is a hot cuppa waiting for me, have to go.

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Mardi said...

That's cool Rach, I occasionally look at mine as well and it's nice to remember what I was thinking back then! Look forward to reading it!