Thursday, February 24, 2011


So at the end of my tether I go to a playground with the kids.
I do not play at playgrounds...I take the kids there to play.
So, I stand and watch and make sure all is well. Then sit down and watch every one else...Mums mainly, clambering around in the play equipment, following kids down slides...not kids, tiny toddlers. Standing around holding lattes yapping, yapping about kids, house extenstions, kids clothes sales....blah
First, if your kid can hardly walk, don't let them be all over the play equipment...they will bump their head. Put them in the sandpit.
While you and your friend are woven into the play equipment, it is pretty funny to hear you say.." gee, it's getting really crowded in this playground", well, perhaps if all the adults got the hell out of there and watched at a distance the kids would have more room to play!
The end.

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