Sunday, October 02, 2011

christmas is coming

Here is a little preview of of my new girls, I think they will come in packs of five and I will try and retail them for about $45...they're gonna be sooo pretty hanging about your house!!
I'm off to the gardens today with the kids to take some photos of these lovelies...please mozzies, stay away.
Yesterday I went to Tafta, over at Geelong Grammer...interesting. You know, not every plain white piece of silk needs to be dyed or felted, I'm just saying. Also, ladies of the 3d crochet room, steady on with the patchouli oil. It's like citronella to a mozzie as far as I'm concerned. BUT, what a great place to find unique materials and contacts, very nice to see that lovely boy from the Artisan bookshop too.

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