Saturday, November 17, 2012

This week in the studio

Well, there was a lot of anticipation over what kind of reaction would happen over the article on Oh! Hello Geelong . Good, is the answer. Thank you Geelong! 
With that in all should come and have a look at the gorgeous things, right on your doorstep. Christmas is coming, and if you're up for some making on the sewing machine...or my favorite, by hand. Come and see the beautiful vintage American fabrics, that are very tricky to find. Jen gets them, they are in the studio, for sale! The address is over there ->>>>>>> on the side bar.

Getting back to things that I've been doing, here is a peek

ancient American fabrics


Feed sack
And, then there is this.  I have come up with this nifty paper fold to create these little "pockets"...I think they're good.

I hand carved the blocks to print the paper myself
And now a little looky at the mess, pretty mess, that's on my table...



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love love love love love :)