Monday, December 03, 2012

Growing plants

So, I was thinking about growing some plants for home, we're getting some little creatures for Christmas...Shhh, it's a big fat secret! And I thought it would be a good idea to get some food plants growing, so we can get the kids to feed them a few leaves, you know, keeping everything fresh.

Then I was asked to be in the local Steiner school twilight Fair, and I thought those guys would probably love some home grown plants too. So, I have some giant sunflowers,  mixed lettuce, bok choy, a few zuccinis, cucumbers, and mixed flowers. To transport the plants, from the seed raising beds, I have made these nifty boxes...which you may have seen being used to carry my jewels in. Yup, the same.
and then...ta da
They look pretty nice, me thinks
The great thing about these little containers is, to plant the plant, all you do is cut out the bottom, and plant the whole thing into the ground...the paper just disintegrates.

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