Friday, August 30, 2013

Kate Derum Award for small Tapestries 2013

Monika Beniulyte, With Love.....14x20cm
I love this tapestry so much, and I was very happy when it won the prize for the
 Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award.
I like this tapestry because it embraces new(ish) technologies, of I think, laser or ink jet printing onto a beautifully woven surface. How exciting to see something utterly contemporary in a tapestry show.
Anton Veenstra won the main award with his tapestry Everyman clown
Here are some pictures from the exhibition.

I also really liked Tim Gresham's piece Acqua scales, which is hanging above mine.
So sorry it's blurry...I was a bit blurry too, not alchohol, weepy tears...
when people started talking about Kate, I just went all sad....I guess that's ok.
I liked this one too, mainly because of the fabric-y nature of it.
Shubankar Ray, Man in meditation

And how fabulous to meet this lovely artist Kyoko Imazu! She is currently doing a residency at the Australian Tapestry Workshop. Learning to weave too! She is a very good artist, and you can see her work from the link.
There was a lot of build up for me, just getting around to doing my work, now, I just have to get on with making more work

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