Wednesday, September 04, 2013

sneer part 1

So, I've been working on this tapestry for a few weeks now, and in light of the ranty cross post from last month, it is a surprise that I'm showing you little bits and pieces of it. 

I guess I'm interested in the way to simplify the way I mix colours, making mixy blends to get every transition of colour, might not always be the best way to get a strong finished piece of work. Because my work is very fine, and looks very fiddlie, the last thing I want to do is weaken the whole thing, by going too far...can you go too far?
When I have a few more pieces under my belt, I will start to explain where all this is going, I'm a bit tentative at the moment, because it's just talking in the air. I hope I will be taking you to an exciting and strange place. 

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