Saturday, October 05, 2013

Rumble...all the words.

Not wanting to flog a dead horse or anything...but (Re: Kate Derum Award) my artist's statement was edited ...quite a bit, and I thought I might have come off sounding kind of mean or un-loving about my dear children, who I love a lot.
So here it is in it's entirety


As part of male guinea pig’s ritual of asserting their domination, they growl or ‘rumble’. Part of the performance involves yawning at each other. Caught in a moment, this natural yawn becomes a silent scream.

Am I the guinea pig in my domestic environment? Mother to two young children, I often feel tested and scrutinized, trapped and claustrophobic. (this is where it ended in the catalog) New and unproven ideas are often on the menu of a new mother…

I looked at our new pets, and found them interesting and funny to draw. While I was painting, and then weaving this image I realized I felt much more akin to these little guys than I realized.

It’s an artificial world that this guinea pig inhabits; menacing shapes lurk on the horizon. It’s beautiful and strange.


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