Wednesday, September 11, 2013

sneer part 2

So, this week, I've been plodding through this's really hard. I'm determined to make this look really interesting. You can see my exploration into "weaving" the weaving, now that's been a thing. Getting back to last week's post, and question...Can you go too far? Well maybe? At this stage, I'm pretty happy. Maybe going too far gets you to a really rad place?
Speaking of rad things...
To old students of Kate's, this here book may look familiar. 
I picked it up at our local book shop for a steal about 6 months ago. I always thought everything in this book was just over the top, crazy old as time has marched on, something has settled in my head, and now I get it, and also I can see why Kate liked it too.


Amy said...

I like your weavy weaving. Pattern is a good thing, without being crazy over the top everywhere.

Michelle said...

Wow, me too! that is amazing texture, and contrasts beautifully with your extra-fine weaving ;)