Friday, January 10, 2014

New year, new work.

Wildgirl, 7x10 cms. hemp, cotton, linen 2013
Inspired by a photo I saw on my FB feed, from CR magazine, Gareth Pugh, I wove this. The 'wild' and hairy nature of the original photo, and the rya knotting in this piece go together, I think. This piece is really little 7 x 10 cms. I wove it using the "stick" method, that I did the tutorial about...I'll probably show it using the tiny frame I wove it on.
Octopus girl, Inkjet print, watercolour, ink. 16 x15.5 cm 2014
This is a new idea I'm working on, and this is the first. Limited editions of my drawings, effect, little, original paintings, but in series, if that makes sense. This is number 1 of probably 5 or 6. More pieces will be added as I get to them. So much fun to do. I will make a bit of a big thing about it, when my Bigcartel shop is ready.
Looking forward to 2014...!

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