Thursday, December 03, 2009


 I found a very fantastic IGA in Bell Park, Geelong. Which doesn't seem very exciting, but it is. The food they've got in there rivals that of Peidemontes in North Fitzroy. Which is great to find here, as here is VERY 'white bread'...or if it's imported, it has to be very expensive. This food is cheap! and it's next door to a very good butcher (Siketa)... which is next to a very good green grocer. The fruit and vege are so fresh it would not surprise me if they weren't picked out of a Nonna's garden just down the road. So I think that's pretty hot.

Makers Market is happening on Sunday, that's making me a bit hot and bothered getting ready for it, but I'm pretty happy with my collection of bits an pieces...look here to see.

And these two books..this one and this one

Now, not hot

Having a house full of sickness is not hot.

Being woken up by everyone around the clock...grrr

Having this sickness come into the house the day I agree to being in this Makers Market, at the last minute.

Only 24 hours in a day..........................


olive said...

as a regular of piedimontes I can only congratulate you on finding an equivalent in catland (which i know very well, too!)
Hope the bugs leave your house soonish.

Redness said...

I get this ... I adore a good supermarket your find sounds a dream ;) Hope the sickness ends real soon ;)

Jaz said...

it's amazing the little things that can brighten your day - like finding an awesome little grocery shop near you! i'm going to do my first market soon...any tips?
hope ur feeling better!