Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where has my little lamb gone?

I could do with that gin...
So it's been a while since 'hot/not'...
I tell you what for nothing, having two children under three is the hardest full time job you'll ever do. What was I thinking doing that market? It's a very unpredictable thing planning ahead to do more than look after your children. We have had a most turbulent time with our girl. Elsbeth is so funny, and so clever and so frustrating. We are on day 4 of not really sleeping properly, and what I mean by that, is, either waking up insanely early, or not staying in bed at night. Springing up every 20 mins until 10.30 pm. no afternoon nap. So she looks like she's been smoking pot all night and hasn't gone to bed....great. plus, the later it gets in the day the more like a psychiatric patient she acts.... Charlie, the same, cruisey, except he's started to take steps, and can climb!? We caught him trying to climb up an open cupboard, just in time to actually catch him before he fell backward, mmm, fun times ahead.
As shopping therapy I bought 2 new books. One is I could give a frock, and the other is From sometimes love Beth. Both have made me feel more like myself... Thank goodness.

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