Wednesday, February 03, 2010

hot and not

ok... so lubyloo must be having a break, but i'll still link to her Hot/Not post from before.


Making pommegranite sorbet with the new ice-cream machine, mmm.

Finding some very exciting French silk flower making tools...iron cutting tools that are in the shape of liitle flowers and leaves, a little blunt, but will still try them out on something. If that doesn't work, I'll sharpen them up with the dremmel.

Today was a hot day for my elsbeth to start kinder.


Seeing tug-o-war over Elsbeth's pretend cakes she made at kinder, and having someone elses little tikes saying, "They're not cakes, that's play do!!". Well little dude, Elsbeth says they're cakes, back off! I say in my head, while trying not to cry, and trying not to be a total kinder/stage mother...

Having a sick little boy with a mysterious tummy bug, cleaning up throw-up and disgusting nappies.

Elsbeth acting like a different person for the last couple days...probably because Charles isn't well

Being snippy with me bloke 

The, um, french flower tools being a tiny bit expensive.....

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